New Measurement Site Operational

26. January 2012

We are happy to announce that our new measurement site is now operational. It will replace the existing Rudolf-Geiger site (RGS), which no longer delivers reliable data because of nearby construction developments. The new site (RGS 2) is fully automated, including data transfer. All common climate elements, including air and soil temperatures, wind direction and speed, air moisture, precipitation and evaporation are registered. With the new and old sites very close together (100m) the long-time data series of the RGS can be continued. Parallel operation is planned for one year. A comparison between urban and open land climate can still be explored together with the Ludger-Mintrop urban climate site (LMSS).
An official inauguration of RGS 2 will follow in (hopefully) mild spring weather, and with the new lawn fully developed. Information to follow.
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