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Bochum International Seminar on the Transformation of Urban Spaces (BISTUS)

Each semester, the Institute of Geography invites a renowned scholar for a one-week block seminar on topical issues of urban transformation. Attendance to this 6 ECTS course is open to all graduate students (Master and PhD level) from the University Alliance Ruhr (UAR). The workload is divided into reading, 15 hours in class, and the writing of a seminar paper yielding the final grade.

BISTUS offers students an easy opportunity to interact with leading international scholars and to experience international cultures of teaching and learning, both contributing to their international competencies. For the Institute, BISTUS is a cornerstone for the internationalisation of its teaching profile, but also an instrument to maintain and develop its international network in teaching and research.


BISTUS I: Urban Resilience

09-13 January 2017

Sara Meerow, University of Michigan, USA

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BISTUS II: Changing Landscapes Under Contemporary Processes of Periurbanization

06-10 November 2017

Dr Daniele La Rosa, University of Catania, Italy

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BISTUS III: Structural Change and Brownfield Recycling

22-25 May 2018

Prof Dr Sabine E Martin, Kansas State University & Prof Dr Rolf Heyer, RUB

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BISTUS IV: Shrinking Cities and Ageing Societies

08-10 October & 15-16 November 2018

Prof Dr Fumihiko Seta, University of Tokyo, Japan

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BISTUS V: UniverCities – Creating Knowledge Hotspots

13-14 June 2019

Prof Dr Willem van Winden & Dr Andrew Switzer, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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BISTUS VI: Institutionalism and Cities – Theory and Method in Comparative Analysis of Urban Institutions

11-15 November 2019

Prof Dr André Sorensen, University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada

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BISTUS VII: Transforming Urban Green Space

15-19 June 2020

Dr Carla-Leanne Washbourne, University College London, UK

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BISTUS VIII: Changing Urban Geographies of Growth and Decline – Before, During and After COVID-19

11-15 January 2021

Prof Dr Marco Bontje, University of Amsterdam

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BISTUS 2020-2021 Press Release (PDF)


BISTUS IX: Urban Climate & Environmental Justice

28 June - 02 July 2021

Zoé Hamstead , PhD Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning & Founding Director, Urban Resilience Lab University of Buffalo, NY

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Organisation & Information: Prof Dr Matthias Kiese (matthias.kiese(at)rub(dot)de)