Kolloquium "Spaces in flow" - Vortragsankündigung

25. September 2012


Im Rahmen des Kolloquiums "Spaces in flow" im WiSe 12 / 13 findet am Mittwoch, 21. November 2012, 16.15 Uhr in NA 5 / 99 folgender Vortrag statt: Understanding the socio-spatial dynamics
and urban patterns of globalizing
cities: the case of Istanbul
Prof. Dr. Dr. Gülden Erkut
Istanbul Technical University (ITU),
Faculty of Architecture,
Urban and Regional Planning Department,
The objective of this presentation is to present a
comprehensive framework to under-stand the socioeconomic
and socio-spatial dynamics of globalizing
city-regions through the evaluation of the research
fi ndings on several localities of Istanbul city-region.
First, different perspectives to comprehend globalizing
cities are discussed.
How can we defi ne and understand characteristics of
city-regions in the global era? Can we understand the
city-region by measurable indicators, by its identity,
by its city- networks, or is it possible only through
observing the local conditions for every-day life of
citizens and livability in the city. Is it a locality where
residents live trans-locally and trans-nationally
through their social networks? World city was the
center of national economic system, the administrative
unit of national economic institutions and national
administrative functions are co-located. Whereas
global cities are de-fi ned by economic globalization,
trans-national networks, trans-national migration,
capital and knowledge fl ows; the meaning of border
is differentiated in such centers. Specialized services
are concentrated there, in addition new types of inequality
and poverty emerged in such areas.
Regarding the social geography of the Istanbul cityregion
the evidence indicates that both internal migration
and international migration contribute to increase
social inequality and create a pressure on the
local labor market. The second part of the presentation
presentation will include a critical perspective of
the recent planning practices in Istanbul.
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