Study programs at the Department of Geography

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

The three-year B. Sc. program is designed to be independent and to qualify students for a profession. The program focuses on the subject of geography, whereby the neighboring disciplines of geology, chemistry, botany and economics are directly integrated into the program through modules. From the third semester onwards, students can specialize in human or physical geography in the elective and optional areas.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

The three-year B.A. program is a so-called "two-subject program", which means that two subjects are studied equally parallel to each other. The successful completion of the B.A. program is the basis for the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program, which is followed by a traineeship at a Gymnasium or comprehensive school. After the B.A. program, an M.Sc. program in geography can also be followed.

Master of Science (M.Sc)

The two-year M.Sc. degree program in Geography serves to deepen subject content specializations with practical methodological competencies as well as scientifically oriented research and development qualifications. The goal of the M.Sc. program is to impart specialized knowledge from a subfield of geography and to promote individual complementary subject interests.

The offer is aimed at bachelor graduates from geography (also possible with B.A. degree!) as well as graduates from related courses of study and bachelor-qualified professionals who want to continue their education or reorient themselves. At the Institute of Geography of the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB), the course of study - leading to the degree "Master of Science" (M.Sc.) in Geography - is linked to one of three selectable specializations (VT):

  • VT Geomatics
  • VT Urban and Landscape Ecology
  • VT Urban and Regional Development Management

The modular structure and interconnectedness of the individual courses allows for an individual focus on the basis of a relatively small compulsory program and a large elective and optional area, which can also be outside of geography. The M.Sc. program can be started in all specializations both in the winter semester and in the summer semester. 


Specialization Geomatics

Geomatics deals with the acquisition, management, analysis and visualization of spatial, mostly digital information. Basic and especially current scientific knowledge and methods from the fields of Remote Sensing, Cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other neighboring disciplines of digital data processing are taught. The latter include programming, web and multimedia technology, statistics and much more.

Specialization Urban and Landscape Ecology

This master's specialization deals with the special features of urban and rural biotopes, biocenoses and ecosystems.  In addition to in-depth content on geomorphology, soils, water bodies, climate and vegetation, this includes above all the interactions between these components, as expressed in the ecosystem-specific energy, material and water budgets.

Specialization Urban and Regional Development Management

The specialization in Urban and Regional Development Management is dedicated to the development of cities and regions and their management from a social, economic and political perspective.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

The Master of Education degree program in Geography (M.Ed. Geography) aims to qualify students for a successful career as a teacher of geography in high schools and comprehensive schools. In addition to professional competencies for teaching and education as well as assessment and diagnostics, students will acquire skills for evaluation and quality assurance of geographic teaching.

Erasmus Plus Co Founded

Redesigning the Post-Industrial City (RePIC Master program)

The comprehensive 2-year study programme responds to the challenges of post-industrial cities around the world and their residents by providing high-quality education and challenge-based design thinking skills for urban contexts. With RUB as the Coordinating Institution and hosted by the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Geosciences, the program has startrd in Fall 2023.