Bochum Urban Climate Lab

The Bochum urban climate lab investigates the climate system and its links to human activities. In particular, we investigate local and microscale effects in urban environments. Our research focuses on remote sensing of urban climates, characterisation of urban structures and modelling, crowd sourcing and smart city as well as applied urban climatology and climate adaptation. The results from our research improve understanding of urban climates and driving factors globally and support transforming metropolitan areas towards resilience and sustainability.

This emerging lab is very active in various internal collaborations and initiatives, including the IAUC and WUDAPT.

Research Areas

Cities are both the main drivers of global environmental changes and particularly vulnerable to its consequences such as sea-level rise or stronger heat waves. It is necessary to observe urban climates in situ and remotely, to understand and model the underlying processes, and to develop mitigation and adaptation strategies. Our research has four focus areas.

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