TRANSFORMER and RePIC presented at EURICUR Workshop "Green Transformation of Industrial Cities"

Transformer At Dbi
Prof. Kiese presenting at the workshop © Dr. Thomas Meister
Prof. Kiese presenting at the workshop © Dr. Thomas Meister

At the workshop "Green Transformation of Industrial Cities" on 18 January, Prof. Matthias Kiese presented insights on innovation and regional transformation capacity. Highlighting the challenges of systemic transformation, he presented the conceptual framework of the TRANSFORMER project that focuses on the application of living lab methodologies for cross-sectorial innovation on a regional scale. Dr. Matthias Falke complemented the inputs from the Institute of Geography by presenting the Erasmus Mundus Joint M.Sc. programme Redesigning the Post-Industrial City (RePIC), contributing to high-quality education and innovative design thinking skills for addressing transformation challenges in post-industrial cities. Their contributions enriched the event organised by Duisburg Business & Innovation (DBI) and the European Institute for Comparative Urban Research (EURICUR), shaping discussions about possibilities of collaboration between science, cities, and regions.

22. Januar 2024
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Dr. Falke presenting at the workshop. Dr. Thomas Meister.