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Analytical Concepts, Methods and Applications (ACOTUL)
Module number:
170 203
6 CP
1st term RUB students,
3rd term Tongji students
1 term, weekly
Kind of course:
lecture, computer lab and field work
Contact hours:

Number of participiants:

Preconditions to participate:
basic course in descriptive statistics at Bachelor level

Learning outcome:

Students gain a broad understanding of main drivers of the transformation or urban landscapes. They are introduced to key conceptual tools for analysing urban transformations. Weekly two-hour lectures provide conceptual and methodological introductions to individual dimensions of landscape transformation, before these dimensions are married into integrative perspectives at the end of the term. In the end, students will be able to analyse and assess the transformation of urban landscapes in a multi-dimensional manner. They are thus prepared for in-depth applications in case studies (Transformation Laboratories) and in their master theses


  • Key drivers of the transformation of urban landscapes
  • Concepts and methods for analysis in various dimensions: social, economic, physical-sensual, aesthetic and symbolic, and ecological
  •  Integrative approaches (SWOT analysis, economic valuation of environmental goods, ecosystem services etc.)

Teaching methods:
lecture (2 hour/week), tutorials in computer labs and supervised fieldwork (4 hours/week)

Mode of assessment:
oral exam, active participation and interaction with lecturers and fellow students

Conditions for granting credit points:

oral exam
Attendance is mandatory for tutorials in which students are technically trained to apply the conceptual and methodological approaches in the computer lab and in the field

Weight of the mark for the final score:
The mark of the module is incorporated into the final score based on the weighted CP.

Person in charge of the module:

Teaching Staff:
Instructions will be delivered by Human Geography (Farwick, Kiese), Physical Geography (Cermak, Marschner, Zepp), and Geomatics (Jürgens)

Other information: