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Microeconomics of Competitiveness: Firms, Clusters and Economic Development

Collected student testimonials

What students say about MOC

  • "I really liked the case study structure and intensive group discussions. Comparing this to other seminars I took in the "Corona semester," they were very rich and thought stimulating."
  • "Not only because of the content but including the entire "structural environment," it was definitely one of the best courses I've ever taken at RUB."
  • "I like the fact you actually have to think for once and not just reproduce."
  • "I liked the focus on real-world case studies rather than theory."
  • "I liked case studies from different countries to get an overall insight into many different situations."
  • "The instructors did a great job."
  • "I liked the discussions we had together and brainstorming sessions."
  • "The case study approach was very successful and allows a differentiated view of the processes within a cluster. This new analysis method provides many new insights into competitiveness and strategic decisions."
  • "I particularly liked the case study approach. I find it "refreshing" in comparison to the other compulsory courses, which don't follow the case study approach."
  • "The case studies provided a practical understanding of competitiveness as well as how nations can improve their competitiveness and economic growth through clustering."
  • "I liked the mix of students from different faculties."
  • "I liked that students get practical insights into applied economic thinking, rather than just the theoretical side."
  • "I liked the diversity of case studies which overall gave a very good understanding of clusters."
  • "I liked the group discussions and case preparation, as well as the space given for personal development and flexibility of approaching the cases."
  • "different, fresh approach"
  • "I liked the way the instructors promote participation through good moderation, allowing debate and discussions."
  • "I liked so much the idea of clusters and how to develop a cluster for a certain activity no matter what the scale is."
  • "I liked the analysis of economic development using practical case studies from different countries across the world."
  • "I liked the development of logical thinking and the ability to analyze."
  • "I liked the Interdisciplinary discussions and perspectives, and the diverse case studies on different scales of geography."
  • "The best course in RUB so far. The only course I attended with pleasure every single time. Also, the only one for which I prepared every single time/week."
  • "steep learning curve"
  • "quite modern approach, very near to reality"
  • "The class discussions were very good to review the case studies properly."
  • "The readings were very informative, not only in terms of the cluster but also to understand the whole context that the case is embedded in."
  • "The course gave huge toolbox for analysis of case studies from an economic perspective which was/is also interesting/applicable for students with a non-economic background."
  • "Warm atmosphere, great chances to participate and discuss."


(Selected quotes from anonymous student feedback, 2014-2021)