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Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Japan

Edited by Hiroko Takeda and Mark Williams, with a contribution by Thomas Feldhoff on "Structures and Dynamics of Japan's Urban-Rural Relationship" (Chapter 7)

Available for pre-order. Item will ship after September 3, 2020

ISBN 9781138668614

September 3, 2020 Forthcoming by Routledge

528 Pages - 48 B/W Illustrations

The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Japan presents a synthesized, interdisciplinary study of contemporary Japan based on up-to-date theoretical models designed to provide readers with a comprehensive and full understanding of the dynamics of contemporary Japan. In order to achieve this, the Handbook is organized into two parts. The first, entitled 'Foundations', clarifies the state of contemporary Japan topic by topic by referring to the latest theoretical developments in the relevant disciplinary fields of politics, international relations, economy, society, culture and the personal. Part II, entitled 'Issues', then offers a series of concrete analyses building upon the theoretical discussions introduced in Part I to help undergraduate and postgraduate students learn how to conduct independent analysis.

Locating Japan in a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective, this handbook is an essential resource for students and scholars interested in Japanese Studies, Asian Studies and Global Studies.


Japan’s New Ruralities: Coping with Decline in the Periphery, mit einem Beitrag von Thomas Feldhoff (gemeinsam mit Daniel Kremers) "Local renewables: Japan’s energy transformation and its potential for the remaking of rural communities"
1st Edition
Wolfram Manzenreiter, Ralph Lützeler, Sebastian Polak-Rottmann
February 21, 2020 Forthcoming
Reference - 308 Pages - 36 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9780367354183 - CAT# 320497
Series: Nissan Institute/Routledge Japanese Studies
Seeking to challenge negative perceptions within Japanese media and politics on the future of the countryside, the contributors to this book present a counterargument to the inevitable demise of rural society.
Contrary to the dominant argument, which holds outmigration and demographic hyper-aging as primarily responsible for rural decline, this book highlights the spatial dimension of power differences behind uneven development in contemporary Japan. Including many fieldwork-based case studies, the chapters discuss topics such as corporate farming, local energy systems and public healthcare, examining the constraints and possibilities of rural self-determination under the centripetal impact of forces located both in and outside of the country. Focusing on asymmetries of power to explore regional autonomy and heteronomy, it also examines "peripheralization" and the "global countryside," two recent theoretical contributions to the field, as a common framework.
Japan’s New Ruralities addresses the complexity of rural decline in the context of debates on globalization and power differences. As such, it will be of interest to students and scholars of sociology, anthropology, human geography and politics, as well as Japanese Studies.

11.-15. November 2019 - Bochum International Seminar on the Transformation of Urban Spaces (BISTUS)

Auch im Wintersemester 2019/20 lädt das Geographische Instiut der RUB erneut Master- und Promotionsstudierende aller Fächer zum Bochum International Seminar on the Transformation of Urban Spaces (BISTUS VI). Das englischsprachige Seminar befasst sich mit "Institutionalism and Cities: Theory and Method in Urban Comparative Historical Analysis" und wird dieses Semester von Prof. Dr. André Sorensen (University of Toronto) geleitet. Weitere Informationen zur Anmeldung finden Sie in der Seminarankündigung.

8.-10. November 2019 - Jahrestagung der Vereinigung für sozialwissenschaftliche Japanforschung (VSJF) an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum: „Metropolitan Japan in Historical and Contemporary Perspective"

Vom 8. bis 10. November 2019 findet die Jahrestagung 2019 der Vereinigung für sozialwissenschaftliche Japanforschung (VSJF) an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum statt. Die Veranstaltung richtet den Blick auf Urbanisierungs- und Transformationsdynamiken in Japan. Weiterführende Informationen und das Tagungsprogramm sowie Anmeldeformulare finden Sie auf der: Anmeldungen sind ab sofort möglich!


"Nukleare Narrationen: Kinder im Atomzeitalter“, herausgegeben von Lisette Gebhardt und Michael Kinski, mit einem Beitrag von Thomas Feldhoff

Achtzehn Beiträge aus unterschiedlichen wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen – Geschichtswissenschaften, Geographie, Germanistik, Kunstwissenschaft, Medienwissenschaft, Pädagogik und Soziologie – beschäftigen sich mit der Situation von Kindern, die im 20. und im 21. Jahrhundert mit den Auswirkungen ­atomarer Technikfolgen konfrontiert worden sind. Thema sind u.a. die ­Bomben von Hiroshima und Nagasaki, dieᾠReaktorhavarie von Tschernobyl und der GAU in Fukushima am 11. März 2011. Thomas Feldhoff beschäftigt sich in seinemᾠBeitrag mit dem Thema žRaum-zeitliche Monitoringsysteme der radioaktiven Strahlenbelastung in Japanœ. Die gesammelten Analysen unter dem Motto žKind und Atomœ sollen eine Grundlage für die noch zu ­schreibende Globῡlgeschichte des Nuklearen bilden.

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New research article

New research article published with Socities, an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of sociology published quarterly online by MDPI. Feldhoff, T.    Visual Representations of Radiation Risk and the Question of Public (Mis-)Trust in Post-Fukushima Japan. Societies 2018, 8, 32,

Feldhoff, Thomas (2017): Child Poverty in a Rich Country: Measuring and Influencing Policies in Contemporary Japan. In: Education About Asia, Vol. 22, No. 3, Winter 2017, „Demographics, Social Policy, and Asia (Part I), pp. 20-26.

New book published:

"Routledge Handbook of Africa-Asia Relations", edited by Pedro Amakasu Raposo, David Arase, Scarlett Cornelissen, with a contribution by Thomas Feldhoff on "Asian Stakes in Africa’s Natural Resources Industries and Prospects for Sustainable Development"
© 2018 – Routledge, Hardback: 9781138917330, 484 pages | 19 B/W Illus.

The Routledge Handbook of Africa-Asia Relations is the first handbook aimed at studying the interactions between countries across Africa and Asia in a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive way. Providing a balanced discussion of historical and on-going processes which have both shaped and changed intercontinental relations over time, contributors take a thematic approach to examine the ways in which we can conceptualise these two very different, yet inextricably linked areas of the world.

Using comparative examples throughout, the chronological sections cover:

• Early colonialist contacts between Africa and Asia;
• Modern Asia–Africa interactions through diplomacy, political networks and societal connections;
• Africa–Asia contemporary relations, including increasing economic, security and environmental cooperation.

This handbook grapples with major intellectual questions, defines current research, and projects future agendas of investigation in the field. As such, it will be of great interest to students of African and Asian Politics, as well as researchers and policymakers interested in Asian and African Studies.


Sustainable Cities in Asia, edited by Federico Caprotti and Li Yu, with a contribution by Thomas Feldhoff on 'Low Carbon Communities, Energy Policy and Energy Democracy in Japan.

With Asia’s cities undergoing unprecedented growth in the 21st century, lauded the ‘urban century’ by many, Sustainable Cities in Asia provides a timely examination of the challenges facing cities across the continent including some of the projects, approaches and solutions that are currently being tested.
This book uses numerous case studies, analysing topical issues ranging from city cycling in India, to green spaces in China, to the use of community-led energy generation projects in post-Fukushima Japan. Containing contributions from an international team of scholars, it also takes a multi-disciplinary approach and draws on examples from a wide range of countries, including China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Ultimately, by providing a comprehensive discussion of the broader debates around the shape of sustainable urbanism, it demonstrates that Asia is one of the most active regions in terms of the development of sustainable city strategies.
Tackling the contemporary issues of key importance for sustainability, such as property markets, migration and transport, this book will appeal to students and scholars of Urban Geography, Sustainability, Environmental Studies and Asian studies.

Sustainable Cities in Asia: Link





  • Allgemeine Humangeographie
  • Geographische Energie- und Ressourcenforschung
  • Geographische Ostasienforschung, insb. Japan und China
  • Public Policy



  • „Material Political Geographies“: Georessourcen (u. a. Energie, Umwelt, Klima, Agrarwirtschaft) im Kontext von Globalisierungsprozessen und Geopolitik, Energiesektortransformationen, Ressourceneffizienz urbaner Räume und Nachhaltigkeit, Transnationale Energieunionen in Ost- und Südostasien
  • „Space and Place in Public Policy“: Analyse raumwirksamer Politikfelder (u. a. öffentliche Infrastrukturen und Daseinsvorsorge), Theorien, Akteure, Strategien und Instrumente räumlicher Entwicklung und Planung in urbanen Räumen, Prozesse des raumwirksamen politischen Handelns in multiskalarer und komparativer Perspektive
  • „East Asian and Trans-Area-Studies“: Regionalspezifische Grundlagen Ostasiens, insb. Japans und Chinas, in ihrem historischen, kulturellen, politischen, wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Kontext, einschließlich konzeptioneller Fragen der Regionalstudien („Area Studies“) bzw. Trans-Area-Studies, raumdifferenzierende Transformationsprozῥsse in einer transnationalen Welt