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12.04.2021 15:42 Age: 1 Jahre
Category: Studinews
By: Kiese

UNIC Spring School

MOC Class Discusses Dutch Flowers With Case Author Prof van Eenenaam

This special fast-track Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) class had the unique opportunity today to discuss the Dutch Flower Cluster with its author, Prof Fred van Eenenaam. Representing UNIC lead partner Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Prof van Eenenaam Eenenaam is also Dean and President of The Decision Institute and Partner at the international strategy and management consultancy XtraAdvice. A long-standing member of the MOC Hall of Fame like Prof Doyle, Prof van Eeenenaam produced the Dutch flower case, sharing his first-hand insights on the evolution, functioning and challenges of this colourful world-leading cluster. Economics students learned about the cultural foundations of competitiveness, and are now sensitive about the difference of being invited for coffee or tea by a Dutch(wo)man.