Paulina Guerrero

Paulina Guerrero has a double-degree Master's in Environmental Science from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Hohenheim in Germany and a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Modelling with a focus on hydrogeology from the University of Houston. With work experience ranging from the corporate to the institutional sector, she has gained insight into how different actors approach environmental issues. Her research interests include spatial modelling and ecosystem service valuation in order to better protect our valuable nature.

Professional Experience

UNEP Headquarters- Nairobi: Environmental Policy and Implementation Intern
BASF Headquarters- Ludwigshafen: Corporate Sustainability Intern    
University of Copenhagen: Teaching Assistant
ICA Engineering: Design Engineer
Mazatlan Aquarium: Development Coordinator

M.Sc. Paulina Guerrero


Ruhr University Bochum

Institute of Geography

Universitätsstr. 150

44801 Bochum, Germany

+49(0)511 762 3615