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Bellow, you can find publications in series, in which Prof. Dr. Uta Hohn is one of the editors, as well as her habilitation thesis.

Publication Series "Metropolis und Region"

Editor: Stadt- und regionalwissenschaftliches Forschungsnetzwerk Ruhr (SURF)
Previously Published Publications in the Rohn Verlag:
Publications of the Arbeitskreis Stadtzukünfte der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geographie

Editors: Prof. Dr. Uta Hohn, Prof. Dr. Lienhard Lötscher, Prof. Dr. Claus-C. Wiegand
Previously Published Publications in the Lit Verlag:
Uta Hohn:

Stadtplanung in Japan.
Geschichte - Recht - Praxis - Theorie.

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