The Institute for Geography of the Ruhr-University Bochum has a laboratory for experimental work in which a large number of modern analytical methods with a wide spectrum can be carried out. Through close cooperation with the university's central research unit for Ion Radiation and Radionuclides (RUBION), we also have access to laboratories and instruments for experiments with radiolabelled compounds.

This opens up a broad range of applications for a wide spread of questions. The laboratory basic equipment includes:

  • ICP-OES for the determination of macro- and micronutrients and heavy metals
  • MIR-DRIFT Spectrometer
  • C/N elemantal analyzer for solid samples
  • TOC and TN analyzer for liquid samples
  • Ion chromatograph for inorganic anions
  • Photometer
  • 2 Respirometers (96-channel automated system for CO2 monitoring and 14CO2 collection)
  • Gel documentation system
  • Multiplate reader
  • Laser-diffraction particle size analyzer
  • High resolution Infrared Camera
  • Scintillation counter (RUBION)
  • Radioactivity imager (RUBION)