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04.05.2021 10:40 Age: 1 Jahre
Category: Studinews
By: Kiese

Vienna Calling

MOC Class Discusses Japanese Fax Case With Prof Christopher Kronenberg

This student-professor ratio is hard to beat: Thanks to four guest instructors from the Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) Affiliate Network, there is one instructor for every regular student in this semester's MOC class at RUB. The first guest appearance was delivered by Prof Christopher Kronenberg yesterday. After growing up in the Ruhr, Prof Kronenberg pursued his studies and PhD in Innsbruck and is now an endowed professor for value creation and business models at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, representing the Vienna-based private Lauder Business School in the MOC Affiliate Network. His research focuses on the strategy, innovation, and business model development, mainly for start-ups and SMEs. Prof Kronenberg also deals with questions of regional development and the competitiveness of regions and clusters. He approached the classic Japanese fax case - designed to illustrated the impact of the business environment on competitiveness - from an innovation management perspective, and used state-of-the art whiteboard technique to keep track of discussion results. Students gained deep insights into Japan's most competitive industry around 1990. They enjoyed a lively discussion and handwritten notes as a tribute to facsimile communication that is deeply embedded in Japanese culture.