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11.10.2018 14:15 Age: 227 Tage
Category: Geographie, Stadt- und Regionalökonomie
By: Kiese

Interdisciplinary and International:

BISTUS IV Started Discussing Shrinking Cities and Ageing Societies

Bewildering diversity: Prof. Seta (right) and the participants of BISTUS IV . Photo by Matthias Kiese

The fourth edition of the Bochum International Seminar on the Transformation of Urban Spaces (BISTUS IV) started today with an amazingly diverse group of 20 graduate students. Led by Prof Fumihiko Seta from the Department of Urban Engineering at the University of Tokyo, the seminar focuses on the link between the ageing of societies and urban development. While most students represent Master's programmes in Geography, Management and Economics at RUB, BISTUS also includes participants from the University of Duisburg-Essen's Master's programme Sustainable Urban Technologies. A further student represents the TU Dortmund's M.Sc. programme in Manufacturing Technology, while two exchange students from Mexico and Spain complete this highly international and interdisciplinary class.

Bochum, 11 October 2018