Maria Riffat

Maria Riffat is a Ph.D. student and a research assistant at the chair of Environmental Analysis and Planning at the Institute of Geography of the Ruhr University Bochum. Her expertise are in the field of spatial planning. Now she is focused on advancing public participation methods and introducing web-platform in landscape and environmental planning to strengthen participative geoinformation systems (Geodesign) in planning processes for a sustainable spatial development. Her research will integrate most recent environmental data and various evolving perspectives on nature-based solutions of urban landscape management and ecosystem services. Maria assists in teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in environmental planning, landscape planning, ecosystem services, and applications of geographic information system in planning field. She works actively as blog/article writer and manages web-based educational platform i.e. GISTeck on geographic information systems (GIS) and building information modelling (BIM) Technologies.  

She has worked as a ‘Research Assistant’ in her prior employments in the field of spatial planning and analysis at research institutes (empirica Forschung und Beratung and Forschungzentrum Jülich). She holds Master's degree in Infrastructure Planning from University of Stuttgart, Germany and a Bachelor in City and Regional Planning from UET Lahore, Pakistan. 

M.Sc. Maria Riffat


Ruhr University Bochum

Institute of Geography

Universitätsstr. 150

44801 Bochum, Germany

Room IA 6/109

+49 (0)234 32 19486