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Study with us

What is Geography about?

Megacities, climate change, desertification, globalization, 3D modelling, apps for navigation, and high-precision processing of remotely sensed imagery. These are only some of the topics dealt with in Geography and that have gained in relevance within society at large.

Studying Geography includes and unites approaches from natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Along with the rapidly growing digitalization of our society, technological aspects have gained in relevance within Geography, such as interactive and animated products of cartography, remote sensing and digital modelling. Studying Geography at Bochum means coming in touch with Human Geography, Physical Geography and Geomatics. More precisely, within the modules of Human Geography, you will learn more about the societal structuring of spaces and how our so-called natural environments affect our lives and spatial orders. Physical Geography at Bochum is mainly occupied with topics like biodiversity, climate, soils, and landscape development. Finally, Geomatics will make you familiar with the newest methods of multimedia cartography, remote sensing, and spatial analyses using software tools of geographical information systems.

In our Bachelor modules, you will receive a broad education that covers all the above-mentioned areas. The modules consist of lectures, seminars, tutorials, field trips, and practical trainings. The Master courses provide the opportunity to become a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in three possible specializations (Management of Urban and Regional Development, Urban and Landscape Ecology, Geomatics). Moreover, it is possible to pursue a Master of Education (M.Ed.), which qualifies for Geography teaching in secondary schools ('Sekundarstufe II'). In addition, an international Double-Degree Master (M.Sc. & M.Eng.) offers the possibility to study at Bochum and at Tongji-University (Shanghai) in order to become an expert of managing the transformation of urban landscapes.


If you are interested in studying at Bochum feel free to contact us. Our entire teaching gladly answers individual questions of prospective students. Our study advisor and teaching coordinator

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